My Film Music:
Short "DÉJÀ - VU"

Director: Annette Viertel

Filmakademie Kelle



Script & Director: Annette Viertel

Music & Sounddesign: Natalia Ervits


Recording: Traumton Berlin

Tonmeister: Natalia Ervits

Sound engineer  Musik: Felix Epp

Conductors: Petra Odvody, Wolfgang Loos

Vibraphone: Antonio Rivero

Clarinet: Wanja Hüffell

Piano: Petra Odvody

Elektro-Orgel: Natalia Ervits

Violins: Bernhard Schiwek, Anusch Alimirzaie, Alexander Choeb, Jacob Letz

Violas: Guillermo Franco, Laura Schneider 

Violoncellios: Berthold von der Ohe, Leonie Wagner, Karel Bruggeman, Juliane Richter

Short "Die Spieldose"
"1-te Fragment"
"2-te Fragment"

Director: Dominik Balkow 

One version from Filmakademie Kelle



A film about the forbidden love between a brother and a sister.


Music: Natalia Ervits

A central role in the musical concept plays composed by me melody of the music box, which continues and evolves until it peaks as the theme of incest love (second fragment)

© 2018 by Natalia Ervits