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Sound design: Natalia Ervits

Music: Elizaweta Fedorova


A film project from my student days. An already finished movie created by the Media Academy in Cologne was used for it. I don’t reveal the title of the movie here. Based on the sound quality of the supplied sound on tape, I decided not only to completely change the sound design, but also to record all the sounds and dialogues from scratch and to make a new mix.


The soundtrack was made by Elizaweta Fedorova. We worked completely independently and met only at the end to create the final mix. Surprisingly it turned out that my on synthetic flat and pulsed sounds oriented sound design concept went in the same direction as the electronic music composed by Lisa. In the final blend, we have therefore adjusted the keys of music to sound design sounds in some places, though we had left the frictions in some places as an additional effect.


The sound design underscore of the intro, which changes exactly between mood areas in alternating images from different cameras is created musically as a change of emphasis in the image section (by pulse-like rhythm patterns) and the underlying sentiment surfaces (between cuts). These soundscapes change in pitch, the rhythm, the intensity of each changing view from the surveillance camera angle. Later in the film, the image always returns to the observation aspect and sound design leaves the original sound becoming atmospheric, unreal and synthetically. These soundscapes are mostly composed out of several sounds, for example, different kinds of textures and noises edited and mixed together. All the way, I tried to reflect the changing atmosphere of the image in the sound.

Short "Thekenkante"

Director:  Konrad von Wittich


Sound design: Natalia Ervits

Foley Recording Tonmeister: Natalia Ervits, Altbaustudio, UDK-Berlin


The complete audio from the set had been lost. The director asked me to add sound to the silent movie again. All sounds and voices have been recorded and mixed from scratch.




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